Why Touchline Appraisals


Expert opinion is critical in determining accurate memorabilia value. Touchline Appraisals owner Jonathan Castner is an experienced appraiser and has an extensive soccer-related background, with time spent as a college player, licensed coach, and journalist. 


Touchline Appraisals is an appraisal firm concerned solely with the valuation of soccer memorabilia. Whether you have a collection of match-worn shirts, autographed balls, old tickets, or a rare trophy, we can meet all of your appraisal needs.


We specialize in appraisals as they relate to:


  • Potential Resale Value
  • Insurance Claims and Coverage
  • The Government and IRS
  • Divorce
  • Family Distribution

Appraisal Services


An owner of soccer memorabilia may need an appraisal done for several reasons. One may need it for insurance, for legal or government requirements, or to ascertain potential resale value. We have experience with memorabilia and can provide the latest in appraisal methodology and standards. 

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