Freqently Asked Questions

What is an appraisal?

An appraisal is an opinion of value (usually monetary) that is often formed and communicated by an appraiser. There are two main types of property appraisers: those who value real estate and those who value personal property – such as antiques and collectibles. A real estate appraiser is usually licensed by a state or government agency, a personal property appraiser is not.


What does an appraiser do?  

An appraiser can inspect and research an item before providing the client with a final opinion of value. The explanation for that opinion of value can be communicated to the client verbally or with greater detail in a written report. Anyone can call themselves an appraiser. That’s why it is important to consider an appraiser’s experience and qualifications.


Do I need an appraisal from Touchline Appraisals?  

Maybe, if you need a value for soccer memorabilia. An owner of personal property such as a sports collectible may need an appraisal for several reasons. An owner of soccer memorabilia may want to know what an item will sell for in a specific market. An owner may need it for insurance claims and coverage since some insurance companies require it. In the U.S., the I.R.S requires appraisals for donations of items worth more than $5,000. Appraisals are often required in legal situations such as in a family distribution or estate settlement.


Why Touchline Appraisals?  

Soccer collectibles are different than other types of memorabilia. Few American appraisers have a knowledge of soccer, the market for soccer memorabilia, and the factors that drive value. Touchline Appraisals owner Jonathan Castner has experience with collecting and valuing soccer memorabilia.


How much does an appraisal cost?  

Many appraisers charge a flat, hourly rate for travel, inspection, research, and report writing, regardless of the type of item(s) being appraised. An oral appraisal can be a cost effective option for a client interested in a resale appraisal for a very small number of items. Contact us for more information today! 


Are there specific standards for Appraisers?  

Several national organizations for personal property appraisers require their members to adhere to a set of ethical and professional standards. Some require their members to complete and pass the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) course. Touchline Appraisals owner Jonathan Castner is a former member of the International Society of Appraisers and has completed the most current 15-Hour USPAP course for personal property appraisers.

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